CCU: sequestering CO2 into products

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Your local Ally

Exclusive use of solar and co-generated energy to transform Indigenous Resources and create even more energy capacity, all the while sequestering CO2, make it a powerhouse to tackle the challenges of Climate Change mitigation.
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In 2015 Paris Agreements have set the ambitious goal to reduce global warming, especially by decreasing C02 emissions. Recently, European Union committed to achieve an economy-wide domestic target of at least 55% greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions for 2030 and 80-95% GHG reductions by 2050, compared to 1990 levels. Still, global CO2 emissions remain on a growing curve year to year and 3 million people die each year prematurely due to air pollution.


Carbon Capture
Utilization and Sequestration

CCUS encompasses technologies able to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, followed by utilization and long-term storage. Therefore, these technologies represent high-potential solutions to achieve reduction goals. The International Energy Agency’s Clean Technology Scenario (CTS) sets out a GHG reduction pathway consistent with Paris Agreement where CCUS contributes almost to one-fifth of the emissions reductions needed across the industry sector. Altogether, this reduction accounts for more than 28 Gt CO2 captured from industrial facilities in the period to 2060.