Are Renewable Energies a solution for a Climate-resilient future?

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Your local Ally

Exclusive use of solar and co-generated energy to transform Indigenous Resources and create even more energy capacity, all the while sequestering CO2, make it a powerhouse to tackle the challenges of Climate Change mitigation.
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Renewable sources are being sought out for energy production

Technologies exploiting renewable sources are not inherently carbon neutral. This seems to be even more of a problem for isolated and rural areas. Nevertheless, renewable energy sources (RES) are not the missing factor for most of EU territories, especially wind, solar and geothermal energy. Therefore, RES should be the starting point to develop optimized local energy systems. The capacities of technologies using RES for energy production are constantly increasing and the prices are plummeting, popularizing these alternative and more eco-friendly solutions. However, Energy storage in batteries is only possible for days or weeks, and cannot sustain seasonal increases in demand. Not to forget the difficulty of recycling battery parts and the constant need for mining different metals for their construction. Therefore, efforts need to be made to find more sustainable solutions for energy production and storage altogether.