Through solar energy and waste,
SMO® hydrogen rises from the carbon ashes.
Solar, Affordable Green Hydrogen from net zero technologies
Decarbonizing industry. Effective immediately.

Our vision:
Taking everything from waste,
Leaving nothing to waste

Producing green hydrogen through renewable sources with no fossil CO2 emission is certainly one of the most ambitious means for a low carbon future. SMO Solar Process is a compact, autonomous processor using solar Energy as its primary power source. SMO® turns waste and non-food biomass into green hydrogen, Energy and carbonated byproducts with a negative carbon footprint.
SMO is not only a technology, it is also a philosophy to use every bit of byproducts, let nothing to waste, support the circular economy and boost the affordable and accessible production for all.
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SMO Solar Process uniquely delivers great value by combining
Green Hydrogen production and CO2 sequestration

One SMO® unit annual numbers:

Green leaf stands for clean input from biomass during all process

Input: dry waste
8 450 tons non-food biomass, household waste…

Molecule representing hydrogen output

Green Hydrogen
700 tons produced​

Electrical outlet stands for electricity output

Clean electricity
13 GWh

Moutains and clouds representing nature for carbon capture

Carbon Offsets:
3205 tons captured
6120 tons avoided​

Icon representing activated carbon used to purify water

Activated carbon
2 800 tons produced​

Flower stands for biochar i.e making charbon from biomass

5000 tons produced

Icon representing carbon powder output

Carbon Powder
874 tons produced

Double link, stands for the line modularity

Easily adaptable and sizeable, adding SMO® lines to the chain

How is SMO® an
efficient CCU

Coupling hydrogen production with Carbon Capture and Utilization technologies could lead to CO2-free energy production. Our Green Hydrogen is produced with a negative CO2 footprint. During the process, SMO® stores fossil CO2 in the form of carbon powder, activated carbon, and biochar, used in agriculture or in the industry. These carbonated products act as a long-term, ever growing, Carbon Sink. Our vision is to create decentralized energy systems, completely autonomous, supporting circular economy and indigenous resources.
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Lire la vidéo